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food philosophy

The intention of Musaafer’s gastronomic experience is to showcase our homeland in a manner that authentically honors the country’s culinary diversity. It is an educational tour for our diners, where the Executive chef Mayank Istwal vows to take you on the 100-day journey, which he embarked on through the 29 states of India.

Chef traveled to many tucked away places in India to gather recipes from home-cooks and legendary chefs. India, one of the oldest civilizations, has many beautiful, ancient dishes, ingredients and techniques which are long lost and not in the mainstream. These dishes have always had a significant existence in nature and are also beneficial to health.

During the journey select ingredients and spice blends were sourced from families & plantations of India who have been using it for generations.

The cutting edge skill, creativity and imagination of the chef comes into play when he translates his redefined vision for traditional Indian recipes into stunning, new-age plate presentations and also ensuring that Indian cuisine holds the same place on the global culinary stage as any other top cuisine.

The skillfully bespoke A-la-carte and tasting menus are woven with fascinating stories while engaging all the senses and showcases a neoteric approach through inventive food presentations and textural enrichment to the traditional dishes from the sub-continent.

We at Musaafer wish to celebrate the spirit of indulgence and abundance with an eclectic and inventive menu that is extensive, yet true to the original flavors and tastes of India.

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