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Embarking on a culinary adventure, Musaafer stands as a testament to harmonious flow on the flavours, cultures, and compelling narratives. The beverage menu, thoughtfully divided into five captivating sections—Signature Cocktails, The Beekeeper, Classic, Gin & Tonics, and Spirits Selection—unveils a rich tapestry of stories and libations that extend beyond conventional boundaries.


Signature Cocktails: Unveiling Cultural Gems

Musaafer's Signature Cocktails serve as a vibrant celebration of India's storied history, intricately woven with captivating narratives and flavours. A prime example is the "Kohinoor," a tribute to the world's largest cut diamond. Featuring Macallan from the UK, Indian cardamom, clover honey, Oloroso sherry, and vermouth, this concoction elegantly crafts an Old-Fashioned masterpiece.

For a nostalgic experience blending South Indian, American, and Texan influences, indulge in the "Pumpkin Spice Kappi." This fusion of filter coffee, Astral Reposado infused with pumpkin spices, and Licor 43 is served with edible newsprint dating back to India's independence—a delightful journey through time.

The "Paan Negroni" seamlessly merges the essence of India's paan culture with the bitterness of a Negroni. Sous vide-infused Tanqueray Rangpur, Ketel One vodka, Campari, and a blend of dry sherry and sweet vermouth, served with a paan leaf stuffed with dates, create a symphony of flavours.

"Paying homage to Nasik, the wine capital of India, is 'Ozar,' blending floral pisco, pomegranate molasses, raw grape juice, and local wines.

A tribute to Kashmiri Kahwa Tea, "Zaffarn 2.0" infuses Tanqueray Rangpur with cardamom, pistachio, shaken with fresh citrus, agave, and lavender bitters.

Named after a prominent Kolkata Street, "The Camac Street" is an Indian Margarita infused with spices.

The Beekeeper: Local Honey, Global Flavors

Dedicated to the art of honey cocktails, The Beekeeper collaborates with Houston Beekeeper Nicole Buergers, using honey sourced within 6.5 miles of the restaurant. Inspired by local neighbourhoods like Bellaire, Montrose, West University, and Third Ward, each cocktail supports local produce and educates on the importance of bees. Choose from Old Fashioned, Easy Old Fashioned, Gold Rush, or Hot styles, all served with a honeycomb crisp and salted honey air.

Ultimate Gin & Tonic: A Nod to History

This section pays homage to the origins of Gin & Tonics in India. Afzal's expert curation showcases the finest Gins paired with the right tonics, herbs, spices, botanicals, juices, and bitters, delivering a bespoke experience for Gin & Tonic aficionados.

Spirits Selection: A World Tour of Elegance

Boasting an extensive list of 200+ labels, the Spirits Selection at Musaafer features the crème de la crème from India, America, Scotland, Japan, Ireland, Mexico, and beyond. From whiskies, gins, vodkas, and rums to tequila, mezcal, cognacs, aperitifs, vermouths, liquors, and bitters, the menu promises a curated selection of the finest spirits. The option for half a shot allows enthusiasts to savor a luxurious dram, and the passionate team eagerly offers one-on-one spirits tasting sessions upon request.

In each sip at Musaafer, the menu transcends conventional boundaries, inviting patrons on a captivating culinary journey that seamlessly blends history, culture, and craftsmanship into every glass.

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